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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
in the North Shore, Massachusetts

Do stress and negative emotions weigh you down? Get relief with EFT tapping.

What is the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Emotional freedom technique (EFT), commonly known as EFT tapping, was developed by Gary Craig in the 1990s. Research shows that it can significantly lower stress, anxiety, and pain.

EFT is based on Chinese medicine's concept of flow of energy through pathways, called meridians, in our bodies. It aims to correct disruptions in this energy flow that can lead to illness.

The technique combines exposure (facing your issues), cognitive reframing (changing your thought patterns), and the physical act of tapping. You tap on specific points on your body with your fingertips, balancing energy and promoting mental and physical relief.

How Does EFT Tapping Work

You can think of the emotional freedom technique as acupuncture without needles. By tapping your fingertips on nine meridian points on the face, hands, arms, and collarbones, you are helping to balance your energy flow, which can reduce stress and improve emotional well-being. When you tap, you are essentially sending signals to the brain to calm the stress response.

EFT involves not just tapping but also focusing on your problems and shifting your thoughts about them. This also helps release trapped emotions, leading to emotional and physical healing.

Studies show that EFT can bring about measurable changes in hormone synthesis, gene expression, and stress biomarkers.

Can EFT Help Me

CBT is a practical, non-pharmacological therapy. It lets you set and accomplish specific goals within a short period of time.
EFT is an effective complementary approach if you are dealing with anxiety, PTSD, or depression. It is not a replacement for conventional treatments, but it can be an extra tool in your holistic wellness kit.

Extensive research, including 56 randomized controlled trials and 8 meta-analyses, confirms benefits of EFT across conditions like anxiety, depression, PTSD, pain, insomnia, autoimmune disorders, and even in enhancing performance. EFT has helped veterans, healthcare workers, athletes, and people with chronic illnesses. It works both in-person and online, with lasting results.

Clinical trials show EFT improves heart rate, blood pressure, cortisol levels, and immune system markers, underscoring the link between mental health and physical health. In some cases, EFT outperforms traditional therapies like cognitive-behavioral therapy, offering significant results in fewer sessions.


How We Can Support You

At Alta MH, we see you as a whole person, not just your symptoms. Our goal is to help you improve your mental health in a meaningful way – guiding and supporting you in changing your thoughts, feelings, and actions for lasting improvements and a happier, brighter future.

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